DRO Overlay

SKU: 99-0014

A professionally silk-screened overlay for the DRO-550 and DRO-375 with help text on and below the keys for both the functions and the calculator.  Never fumble around the keypad or hunt through the manual again to access the most common functions.  The overlay is constructed of 10 mil Lexan (polycarbonate) so it is virtually indestructible.  The silk-screen is printed in reverse on the back side so it will not wear off with usage.  The overlay also has pre-applied 3M adhesive for a solid fit and to make installation easier without using messy spray adhesives.

NOTE: The lettering in the bottom left corner shows "ShumaTech DRO-550" but it is fine to use on the DRO-375 since they are functionally identical.

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