OpenDRO User's Guide

5.6 System Menu

Note that the system menu is displayed on screen as "SyS".  The on-screen display for each menu item is shown underneath the menu name.

Item Description
Power off the DRO.  When powered off, the processor still monitors the scale positions and will wake up if a key is pressed or, if auto off is turned on, after a scale moves.  To completely power down the DRO, unplug the power supply.
Select the current machine as defined in the setup.
Send Fast
Send the fast mode sequence to all attached Chinese scales.
Display the OpenDRO software version and the hardware identifier.
Erase the OpenDRO program and prepare the DRO to download a new software update. (DRO-550 only)
Save the DRO configuration onto the SD card with a file named "config.dro".  (DRO-550 with SD card only)
Restore the DRO configuration from the SD card with a file named "config.dro".  (DRO-550 with SD card only)
Erase the contents of the non-volatile memory.  This will erase all definitions, positions, setup, and other saved information and return the DRO to a factory default state.  It does not erase the OpenDRO program.  You should reboot the system after executing this command.