OpenDRO User's Guide

3.1 Axis Display

The main axis display consists of three rows of six columns each using seven segment LED displays.  This is where the main axis readings are displayed when the DRO is operating and it is also where textual messages and prompts are displayed.  Unfortunately, seven segment displays do not excel at displaying text so we must use a bit of imagination for some of the letters.  Shown below is the full OpenDRO alphabet.

Note that the M and W take two digits to display.  Using the alphabet, the message "select axis" would look like the following:

When displaying axis readings, the left-most decimal point is used to represent that the axis reading is not its true value due to either a tool offset or due to diameter mode.  This serves as a reminder that one of these functions is active on the axis.  The right-most decimal point is used as a half-digit indicator when the axis precision is set to a half digit granularity.  For example, "1.231." represents 1.2315 with the final decimal point representing the 0.0005 value.