OpenDRO User's Guide

3.4 LCD-200

OpenDRO supports the LCD-200 secondary LCD display that shows two additional axes as well as current status information.  Like all OpenDRO axes, you can configure which axes are displayed on the LCD.  You can also display other information such as the tachometer, SFM, or axis feed rate.  The LCD-200 also has preset and zero keys for these axes as well.  Finally, the LCD-200 includes an SD memory card reader in the side so that data can be easily exchanged with a PC.  Note that the LCD-200 is only supported on the DRO-550.  The front panel is shown below for reference.

LCD-200 Front Panel

The LCD screen dominates the LCD-200 front panel.  The figure below shows an enlargement of the LCD screen with callouts listing each of its visual components.

LCD Display


  1. Machine Type - Displays the selected machine type either "Mill" or "Lathe".
  2. Function State - Displays the active function - "Bolt" for a bolthole operation, "Grd" for a grid operation, "Calc" for RPN calculator, 'Rad' for a radius operation, or "Normal" if no function is active.  The selected bolthole, grid, or radius number is also shown after the text.
  3. Workspace/Step - During normal operation, this displays the active workspace.  During a function operation, this displays the function step number.
  4. Tool Number - Displays the active tool number or  "No Tool" if none is selected.
  5. Tool Offset - Displays the diameter of the active tool.
  6. Edge/Compound - In mill mode, this displays the edge compensation side, either "Left", "Right", "Back", "Front", or "Center".  In lathe mode, this displays the angle of the compound if compound vectoring is selected.
  7. W/C Axis - These are the fourth and fifth display lines.  They show the W and C axes by default though you can configure them to display any axis.  You can also display tachometer, SFM, or feed rate data on either or both lines.
  8. Axis Labels - Displays the labels for what the fourth and fifth display lines are showing.  For a tachometer, a "T" is shown.  For feed rate, an "F" is shown with a subscript of the axis letter.
The LCD-200 also has additional keys that control its operation.  These additional keys are summarized below.

W Preset

This key begins a preset operation on the W axis.  By convention, the W axis is a secondary Z axis.  See the operation section for more detail on how to set a preset.

C Preset

This key begins a preset operation on the C axis.  By convention, the C axis is a rotational axis in the Z plane.  See the operation section for more detail on how to set a preset.

Zero Axis

This key is used to set either an incremental or absolute zero on an axis.  For detailed information on setting axis zeros, see the operation section.

The LCD-200 also includes one additional indicator LED as described below.

SD Activity

This indicator is lit whenever the SD memory card in the LCD-200 is accessed.  You should not remove the card if this indicator is lit or flashing.