OpenDRO User's Guide

3.2 Indicators


Incremental Mode

This indicator is on when the DRO is in incremental mode.  All axes will display their positions relative to their incremental zeros.  When the indicator is off, the DRO is in absolute mode and each axis will display its position relative to its absolute zero.

The ABS/INCR key toggles between incremental and absolute modes.


Metric Mode

This indicator shows when the DRO is in metric mode.  When in metric mode, all positions either displayed by the DRO or entered via the keypad are in millimeters.  When the indicator is off, the DRO is in imperial mode and all positions are in inches.

The INCH/MM key toggles between metric and imperial modes.


Absolute Zero Set

The absolute zero set indicator is on when the DRO is setting an absolute zero.  The ENTER key or the axis ZERO set key must be pressed to complete the absolute zero set.  Alternatively, an electronic edge finder can be used to trigger the absolute zero set at the position where an edge is contacted.


Set Value

The set value indicator is a prompt that the DRO expects the user to enter a number on the numeric keypad.  When it flashes rapidly, then it indicates that you are in number offset mode.



The function indicator turns on when the FUNC key is pressed to indicate that a function should be selected through the function menu or via a speed key.  The indicator is also kept on if a function such as bolthole or grid is currently active.  When it turns off, the DRO is back in its normal mode.