OpenDRO User's Guide

5.1 Speed Keys

Speed keys are numeric shortcuts that jump straight to a menu item without having to navigate through the menus.  To execute a speed key, first press the FUNC key and then press a number key 0 through 9.  The FUNC menu is displayed until the speed key is pressed.  The speed keys are shown in the table below with mill and lathe differences noted.

Speed Keys

Speed Key Menu Item
Position Compound (Lathe)
Setup Axis
Position Workspace
Position Centerline (Mill)
Diameter (Lathe)
Status Calculator
Define Bolthole (Mill)
Position Bolthole (Mill)
Define Tool
Position Tool
Status Tachometer
Status Feed Rate
System Power Off

Special Function Speed Keys

Item Description


Fast Mode Toggle

This function will program the fast mode sequence on any 24BIT or BCD7 protocol scales connected to the DRO that are not already in fast mode.  This function can be used to put a newly connected scale into fast mode without powering the DRO off and back on.

Display Toggle

This function is used to toggle between displaying the axis reading, the raw scale counts, and the scale jitter.  This function is mainly used for troubleshooting and helping to determine how much a scale reading is jittering.  Each activation of this function will toggle between the three possible displays.

User Script

This function is used to run a user-defined, Lua automation script.  After entering this speed key, you are prompted to enter a number from 0 to 9 representing one of the 10 user functions named user0 through user9, respectively.  See the automation section for more information on the automation interface.